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Summer Reading: 

Research shows that reading over the summer reduces summer slide and promotes academic success throughout the school year. Students have spent the year analyzing text and in order to continue to foster a love of reading, we want to offer students some choice, which will be indicated in the assignments listed below. The assignments are all activities and strategies the students have practiced throughout the year, and will help the students continue to implement and master reading strategies over the summer.

In the assignments we have linked PDF versions of the books when they were available. Below is the link for for accessing books electronically through the Atlantic County Library. If you cannot access digital texts or have the means to get a text, please reach out to me directly for assistance: Lily Moss, Supervisor of ELA, K-12, mossl@eht.k12.nj.us.

All assignments are in Google Doc form so that all work can be completed and stored in Google Drive to be submitted through Google Classroom in September. PLEASE MAKE A COPY AND SAVE TO YOUR GOOGLE DRIVE.
Thank you for your support.

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Stories through Audible (audio book)

Summer Reading Texts and Assignments:
College Prep English I
Advanced English I
Honors English I

College Prep English II
Advanced English II
Honors English II

College Prep English III
Advanced English III
Honors English III
AP Language and Composition: Book List - Assignment

College Prep English IV
Advanced English IV
Honors English IV: Assignment 1- Assignment 2
AP Literature and Composition




Our goal is to create student autonomy by producing active readers who connect to various texts through their personal experiences, and express themselves effectively through writing.



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